A + for Google+?

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something! But I’ve been itching to post a blog about Google+.

One of my co-workers at the DoIT Help Desk, where most of the staff are men and most of which have Google+, referred me to a great quote on Wikipedia that is applicable to this new social network:

“There is a lesson here for ambitious system architects: the most dangerous enemy of a better solution is an existing codebase that is just good enough.” (Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Wikipedia) Why switch over when you are already using an already good enough social network with an established, loyal customer base?  My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to join.

Two great things stand out to me about Google+ that sets it apart from Facebook.

1.   Ability to easily direct each thing a user posts to a specific network: a user can create different networks that have different privacy settings on Facebook, however a user cannot specifically share an update, comment, picture, etc to a specific group of people without going through the settings again each time.  This feature, as numerous articles have noted, makes targeting an audience really easy and great for companies.

2.  Hangout feature: users can video chat with other Google+ users and anyone can join in!

3.  Simultaneous connection to Gmail account: I have a Gmail account, so why not join Google+? I am a huge Google fan already.

The drawbacks, however are that users cannot directly post a comment on someone’s wall or message others privately (or maybe I have not discovered it yet).

According to Andrew Lipsman, vice president of industry analysis at comScore, “the rate of growth is much faster than that of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace over the same time period” (Wasserman, Todd at Mashable).

from Mashable, Todd Wasserman

Most of the people in my network have not made the switch to Google+ and I can see why.  Furthermore, most of the users are male.

But as the pool of users start to grow, I think companies will be able to use it more effectively.

Bottom line: I’m still willing to wait it out, just waiting for more pool of users to network with.  In the meantime, I’m sticking with Facebook.






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