The Debate of the 21st CE: Google vs Apple?

09/27/2012 § Leave a comment

Ok ok, I am back to this topic again. But seriously, I can’t make up my mind!

Google vs Apple?

Google vs Apple? Decide for yourself.

As you all know, I’m a college student on a college budget. But my greed and urges to own a tablet has gotten the best of me. So I’ve been researching the market for a quality tablet that offers all the flexibility and functionality of an iPad, but on a college budget.

And in comes the Samsung Galaxy 7 inch screen, 8GB (expandable memory via SD card), w-fi, with a camera for $249.99. Pretty sweet deal! Let’s quickly compare to some other similar products at around the same price point, and maybe I can win you over the same way this tablet has won me over.

  • Kindle Fire by Amazon, $159.99, 8 GB, no camera: you can only buy products/apps through Amazon
  • Nook by Barnes & Nobles, $179, 8 GB, no camera

What I like most about this tablet is that it fits nicely in my hands. The iPad is a little bigger, clunkier and heavier in my hands, but I feel like I can more comfortably take my Samsung Galaxy anywhere with me. Of course, that means having a smaller screen. But in all reality, I knew I wasn’t going to use my tablet every day and let’s be honest, tablets are really just pretty advanced toys. I’m not going to spend $499 on a tablet when I’m a college student!

Now let’s just hope that I didn’t act too soon! Apple reported that it would be releasing the iPad Mini soon. So Google vs Apple? Pretty hard decision. However, I do applaud Google for moving ahead of Apple in releasing a smaller tablet at a more affordable price, smart decision!


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