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Annual VS Fashion Show Empowers Women by alexsuprise

Considering Victoria Secret is a company for lingerie, I think viewers should expect to see the lingerie, which really requires the models to show some skin. I think it is as much the company’s responsibility to ‘keep things classy’ as it is for the parents to watch over their kids.

I also think the criticism is a reflection of the double standard that women face… continue, 12/13/2010

On a more serious note…. by lawliss7

I also know of someone who passed away from my high school in Korea and I had taken a class with him for a semester. Though I didn’t know him very well because he was younger, I was very sad to hear this.
Facebook allows me to stay informed of news (bad and good) such as this and allows users all over the world to stay connected with each other, no matter how far apart users are… continue, 12/14/10

WikiLeaks Releasing BIGGER Documents?! by Elle

I definitely agree and my first blog was about this issue. There are so many situations where the wrong people can use sensitive information to harm.

US Ambassador Cameron Munter in Pakistan responded to the leaks, concluding, “an act intended to provoke the powerful may instead imperil the powerless. We support and are willing to have genuine debates about pressing questions of public policy. But releasing documents carelessly and without regard for the consequences is not the way to start such a debate.” continue 12/14/10

Nine month smoking hiatus for President Obama by joepoirier

I definitely feel as if the media sometimes chooses to focus on trivial matters–does this person smoke?! What is he or she wearing or eating on this particular day? Why not write an article about the person’s performance in his/her job?

I also feel bad for those in the spotlight and their invasion of privacy, their loss of rights to normal, human behavior. A person cannot smoke without being photographed and criticized, even though smoking has little to do with a person’s ability to perform in presidency…continue 12/14/10

Colombia’s Princesses by Summer.A

I definitely agree with you Summer, I think mainstream American media can sometimes be limited by our perspectives as ‘Americans’. For instance, there’s an interesting blog here by Anne Kosseffon the relationship between media coverage of natural disasters and race. The distance is dehumanizing or creates an emotional distance, so reporters are more likely to use graphic images to grab attention but if the natural disaster occurred on our land, the images would be more respectful… continue 12/14/10


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